What is inside Live Stream?

Live stream is a part of the Influencers’ app from where you are able to access every live broadcast. You’ll be notified every time that Influencer is going live, so you don’t miss it!

To find out more about Live Stream, visit Live Stream section.

Home Actions

Here you can find everything you need to know about ‘News’, ‘Media’, ‘One-on-one Sessions’, ‘Loyalty Club’, ‘Earn’ and ‘Personalized tips’ sections.

What is inside Earn page?

Earn page features all the actions via you can collect extra points in order to progress inside the Loyalty Club, as well as to be able to access all channels and content that the Influencer has created for you.

What is inside Shop?

Shop is an online store through which you can buy products online. If an Influencer has an e-shop within the app, click on the shop button will allow you to access her store and shop online with ease.