What is a Loyalty Club?

‘Loyalty Club’ allows you to collect points in order to progress to the higher levels and thus being able to unlock other content that Influencer has posted for you.


How do I access Loyalty Club?

To access Loyalty Club and check on which level you are currently on or how much points you need to proceed to the next, simply click on the circle Loyalty Club icon, located in the main screen, at the top right-hand corner.

How can I earn points through Loyalty Club?

Loyalty Club points are earned automatically by watching new photos or videos of the Influencer, as well as commenting on those posts.

Once you tap on the Loyalty Club icon, you will be presented with:

  • Levels guide (how many points are required for each level to be reached)
  • “Earn” and ” Buy Points” buttons at the bottom of the screen

By tapping on the “Earn” button, an image will be displayed, featuring what actions you need to do in order to earn new points.

By tapping on the “Buy Points” button you will be presented with a page from where you will be able to purchase extra points without having to perform any other action.