How to start One-on-one session?

If you have the required amount of points to start a conversation with Influencer, click on ‘One-on-one sessions’ button opens a page from which you can see information about the required amount of points for starting one session, the ‘Start session‘ button, and ‘View chat history‘ button.

By clicking on the ‘Start session’ button you are activating a chat session with Influencer and the required points will be removed from your account.

Chat thread will show up and you can type your first message to Influencer. You can find out the duration of a chat session after clicking on the ‘One-on-one session’ button. The session starts from the moment Influencer responds to you. After that period the session closes. Notification will show up to inform you about that and you won’t be able to send messages anymore.

You are able to see all your finished sessions by clicking on ‘View chat history‘.