What are ‘Personalized Tips’?

Activation of ‘Personalized Tips’ requires a certain amount of points.

When you collect the required points, the button will become clickable and you will be able to access tips.

By clicking on ‘Personalized Tips’ button (if available) you will be presented with a page that contains a set of tips about different topics that Influencer has prepared for you.

Advises are constructed to be interactive. Click on advice that interests you will open a chat thread with various options. Every question contains a few possible answers that may be applicable in your personal case.

When you finish the advice session, the back button will return you to the page with sets of tips that are available for you at the moment.

Notice: Previous ‘Personalized tips’ interactions will be always visible for you in chat thread inside different topics.

E. g. You took Personalized tips for ‘Fashion’ and now you are able to open  ‘Beauty’ personalized tips. When you start ‘Beauty’ tips, previously finished ‘Fashion’ interaction is going to be displayed in that chat thread as well.