What if you have a problem during One-on-one session

You can’t open the ‘One-on-one session’

The one-on-one chat session with Influencer costs a certain amount of points. If you don’t have enough points to start the conversation with Influencer, you will be redirected on the page that contains information about the required amount of points for the beginning of one session.

Inside that page, you can find the ‘Buy Points’ button. Click on this button leads you to a page where you can buy points needed. If you don’t want to buy the missing points, you can collect them by engaging within the app.

This page also contains the ‘View chat history’  button, where you can find all previously finished conversations.

If you are in the session with Influencer, and you are waiting for the response for too long, please try to leave the page, and come back after a few seconds. If the message still isn’t loaded, please check your internet connection.

If you have enough points, but the page is ‘frozen’ your internet connection might be a problem.