Home Page

  • What is on the home screen?

Home screen is the main screen of the Influencer application and it features 6 main buttons:



Home screen may also display different channels with different topics. From the main screen, you can also access the Loyalty Club section.

Inside the News page, all  News is shown. Via Earn page you can find ways to increase the number of your points by performing actions that are displayed. By clicking on the Live Stream button you will  have access  to every live event available.  Shop opens an online shop from where you are able to buy products that Influencer has prepared for you.  Personalized tips open a page where you can see different advice about various topics that Influencer has prepared for you, while the One-on-One Sessions button leads you to a page from where you can start a chat session with Influencer.

From the main screen, you can also access Influencer channels.



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